About Us

I would like to introduce my company Make It Sow, a 100% Canadian company. Over the past nine years we have supporting and supplying non-profit groups in all parts of Canada with a unique program with Garden Flower, Vegetable seeds and growing kits. We have been privileged to serve all these worthy causes.

We are all trying to foster a culture of conservation by implementing green technology and encouraging eco-friendly practices. Young people are the future gatekeepers of our planet and we have the responsibility to educate citizens who care for the world we all live in.

I can see the change in their mindset at our schools and youth groups. Today it is almost routine to recycle, clean up litter, conserve energy, compost, and more.  It really makes me proud and hopeful for the planet’s future.

Everyone is looking at ways to go green elsewhere, but have you looked at your fundraising efforts? Yes, it can go green too. For more info, check out our home web page at www.makeitsow.com.

Look at all these multinational companies supplying unhealthy and over-priced products. Sure, you may okay fundraising but what is the lesson? These big companies make big profits on chocolates, cookies, dough, candies, etc. There is nothing green or great value to that. We are proud Canadian company, dedicated to providing you with outstanding service and value.

We have 99% customer satisfaction, so let us work together and turn your fundraiser Green.

Yours Truly

Don Gayford,

President / Owner

Make It Sow Inc.

Ayr, Ontario, Canada